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3-line Sewing Machine SQ-9288



Special structure of the cantilever cylindrical is particularly suitable for tubular dust bags and other tubular sewing.3-line sewing machine is suitable for sewing filter bag’s bottom.


1. Apply to dust bags, men’s, women’s, shirts, overalls, jeans, tents, raincoats and other sewing, especially for industrial non-woven fabric and jeans for sewing.

2. Improved tube structure and parts to strengthen the design, make the machine more stable operation.

3. Design of mechanical transmission upper the tug, make the fabric more powerful in transmission.

4. Built-in mechanical direct-drive tug, pull material more smoothly, more flat stitch.

5. Special structure of the cantilever cylindrical is particularly suitable for tubular dust bags and other tubular sewing.


1. The machine is particularly suitable for sewing cylindrical thick materials, raw materials and thick fabrics, widely used, after a radically improved chain gap, the realization of the needle, the bottom line of the low tension, inhibition of the high speed of skipping and wrinkling phenomenon, is the best choice for sewing dust bags.

2. The rate of jumper is more than 40% lower than chain transmission structure of the sewing machine.


Max sewing speed  3600rpm/min
Max stitch length 5.2mm
Presser foot lift height  12mm
Needle quantity 3
Needle bar stroke 33.6mm
Needle gauge On both sides is 6.4/12 mm, normal is 6.4mm
Cylinder diameter 60mm
Take-up lever stroke 35mm
Needle type UY128(19-23)
Lubrication Automatic, individual oiling by hand
Rotating hook none
Looper quantity 3
Voltage 380V
Power 0.37KW
Size (length*width*height) 1385*685*1200mm
Packing size (length*width*height) 1445*745*1300mm
Net / Gross weight (kg) 91kg / 146kg

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