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Dust Filter Bag Automatic Sewing Hot Welding Production Line SQ-700-X

Shanqiu Automatic Sewing and Hot Welding Line for Filter Bag can meet the production requirements of sewing, gluing, hot melting, taping and other processes.
  • Max Sewing Speed: 10 m/min;
  • Stitching diameter:120-300mm;
  • Capacity: 600pcs 6 meters filter bags in 8 hours.
  • SQ-700-X


  • 8452212000


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Main Functions of Automatic Sewing and Hot Welding Line for Filter Bag

1. The whole line can meet the production requirements of various processes such as sewing, gluing, hot welding, and PTFE taping.

2. There's a rubbing device installed in the material rack. It can rub the edge of membrane fabrics, so that the fabric can be welding while across the hot melt head.

3. This line is equipped with a brand-new fabric forming mold, which is suitable for sewing or welding of various specifications of filter bag body, with good forming effect and stable seam width.

4. The fabric will only feed while the needle has lift. It can prevent the needle from being bent ,extend service life and make the needle hole much smaller, easily meet the waste gas emission standard.(Patent)

5. There are six sensors installed on the sewing head, the machine will automatic stop when the thread is broken.

6. Special heating device, the temperature can reach 700℃, the temperature fluctuates ±2℃, which can be applied to the film sealing of pure PTFE filter bag.

7. This whole line is equipped with high-power cutter motors and alloy steel blades, which can easily cut PTFE and woven fiberglass filter bags.

8. Only need to click the button on the touch screen to change the machine head and process. Hot melt table is hidden while using sewing head. Click the hot melt function, the table will automatic rise up.

9. The line adopts aluminum profile structure, the installation is firm and the operation is stable.

Basic Specifications

1. Sewing speed:6-10m/min,

    Gluing speed:6-10m/min,

    Hot welding speed:6-13m/min,

    PTFE taping speed:6-10m/min.

2. Sewing diameter:120-300mm,

    Hot welding diameter:110-200mm.

3. Power:4-7KW.

4. Voltage:AC 380V,50-60Hz.

5. Air pressure:0.4-0.6Mpa.

6. Dimensions:16000*1200*2200mm

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