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Filter Bag Cutting Machine SQ-2600



Filter bag cutting machine is mainly cutting the large width fabric into desired size.It can slitting all kinds of filter fabrics ,special designed for filter non-woven & woven fabric slitting.Equipped with roller winding can prevent fabric slip,winding fabric effectively,labor saving.

Main Features

1. This machine is mainly cutting the large width fabric into desired size. The longest width of the device is 2.6 meters wide.

2. It has 6 flying knives. The blade is using the most advanced flying technology in china, so that it can improve the service life of the blade. It is more reasonable than the traditional design of hard cutting. Each blade is respectively composed of a high power motor as the main power, automatic feeding and receiving.

3. In-built automatic aligning edge device makes the fabric keep regular of two sides during cutting process. Hydraulic pump, strong power.

4. This machine equipped with 6 import Del Sally pneumatic blade groups, professional for cutting fiberglass fabric. It has high performance.

Component and Details

1.Feeding part (Rack) and inspection platform


A--Automatic feeding.

B--Lift function :The hydraulic pump provides strong power to automatic lift and down the tons of fabric,reduce labor force.

C--Automatic adjust fabric function:There’s a rectifying device in inspection platform,automatic edge device.When fabric through device,feeding rack according to the uniformity of fabric movement,keep both ends flat in the cutting process to ensure cutting accuracy.

D--Magnetic brake in rack:There’s a magnetic brake in the feeding rack,provide the tension to fabric.Straighten the fabric during the cutting process and keep the straight cut fabrics;Avoid the edge of fabric in cutting process,make cutting edge is more smooth and beautiful;Avoid the frictional and resistance too large,tear off the fabric;Cutting the tail will automatically slow down the speed until the uniform cutting is completed,reduce the waste of fabric.

E--Inspection platform:The operator can stand on the platform to adjust the distance of flying knives and hard knives.

2.Cutting part (With flying knives and hard knives)

A--Cutter:Equipped with 6 the most advanced tungsten steel flying knives and 6 import Del Sally hard knives,strong and durable,especially for different thickness and special fabric cutting.

B--Sharpening function:Open the cutter motor in the operation plate,the cutter will automatic running,use grindstone to close the the cutter,then sharp.

C--Flying knives and hard knives distance adjustable:Manual adjust the flying knives and hard knives distance,meet the different width of fabric cutting.Max slit width:2.6m*1;Min slit width:0.3m*5/0.1m*6.

D--Slot:Equipped with 6 slots under the flying knives,protect cutter effectively,removable and replaceable.Lift the fabric in the working process to ensure horizontal cutting.

E--Gasket:Equipped with 6 gaskets under the hard knives,protect hard knives effectively,removable and replaceable.Cutting fabric more powerful and protect the roller.

3.Winding part(Waste winding and Roller winding)

A--Waste winding:The edges of cutting process are collected by the use of friction blade winding,to facilitate the collection of waste.

B--Roller winding:Two rollers increase friction to prevent fabric slip,winding fabric effectively,labor saving.

C--Automatic adjust winding speed:There’s a frequency converter in the control box and changes the motor speed by changing the frequency.

D--Magnetic clutch:There’s a magnetic clutch in the winding part,provide the tension to fabric.And the same function as the magnetic brake.

4.Control system (Operation plate)

A--Automatic constant tension controller:There are two constant tension controllers in operation plate,tension adjustment,make the fabric to maintain a certain constant tension.

B--Potentiometer:There are two potentinmeters in the operation plate.One controls the feeding rack speed and the other controls the cutter speed.

C--Main part to install the circuit and achieve most functions in operation plate.


Max slit width 2.6m*1
Min slit width 0.3m *5     0.1m *6
Width error ±1mm
Winding diameter 500~1000mm
Winding speed 0~15m/min
Cutting way Flying knife and hard knife 
Voltage 380V/50Hz
Air pressure 0.6-0.8MPa
Power 7KW
Packing size (length*width*height) 3260*830*900mm

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