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Filter Bag Roll Cutting Machine SQ-2600-1

Filter bag roll slitting machine can cut various filter material including non-woven fabric and woven fiberglass fabric.With high cutting efficiency and stable operation,cutting large with fabric into different width.
  • Max cutting width:2.3m
  • Cutting speed:0-15m/min
  • 6 up motorized blades
  • 6 down pneumatic blades

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Main Functions of Filter Bag Roll Cutting Machine

1. Equipped with 6 up motorized blades,suitable for slitting non-woven needle felt fabric.

2. Equipped with 6 down pneumatic blades,suitable for slitting woven fiberglass fabric.

3. Orbital tool post design makes it easier to adjust the blades distance.

4. Automatic feeding rack with photoelectric sensor correction function,the cutting margin is smaller and the efficiency is higher.

5. With tension control mechanism,the filter material tension is constant and the cutting width is consistent.

6. Air shaft winding fabric neatly and reduce labor cost.Add waste fabric winding and automatic unloading part.

7. High cutting efficiency and stable operation.

8. Intelligent centralized control,humanized design,more convenient to use.

Basic Specifications

1. Max cutting width: 2.3m

2. Cutting speed: 0-15m/min

3. Cutting way: Motoized blades and Pneumatic blades

4. Power: 3.5kw

5. Voltage: AC 380V,50-60Hz

6. Air pressure: 0.6-0.8MPa

7. Dimensions: 3000*2750*1520mm

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