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Liquid Filter Bag Welding Machine SQ-2000



The principle of liquid filter bag welding machine is to generate 20 KHZ or (15 KHZ or 40 KHZ) of high voltage,high frequency signal with generator.By changing system,the signal is converted to high-frequency mechanical vibration,pressure on the plastic welding work piece.Through the surface and internal friction between molecules and to raise the temperature of outlet.When the temperature reach the melting point of the work piece itself,the interface is rapidly melted,and then fill in the space between the interface.When vibration stops,work piece is cooling setting under certain pressure at the same time,achieve perfect welding.


When liquid filter bag welding machine is welding filter bag, no need to add any binder, filler or solvent, or consuming a great deal of heat, With the features of easy operation, high welding speed, welding strength, high production efficiency. Therefore, ultrasonic welding technology is more and more widely used.


Main features

1. Adopt imported piezoelectric ceramic transducer, big power, high conversion efficiency.
2. Linear bearing design, precision trimming device, stable mechanical properties, high welding precision.
3. Automatic overload protection device.
4. Adopts adjustable welding head level design, adjust mold fast , convenient, and accurate.


Output power 2000W
Frequency 20KHZ
Input voltage 220V
Head stroke 75mm
Output time 0.01-9.99S
Current indicator Output amplitude indicator
Air pressure 0.4-0.6MPa
Welding area Ф170
Dimensions Host     600*410*1100mm
Chassis  580*460*180mm
Double   800*1200*2000mm
Net weight 88kg

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