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Two-needle Thick Cloth Sewing Machine SQ-4331



Double needle short arm filter bag sewing machine is for sewing filter bag's top and bottom .The component is professional for sewing thickness filter bag fabric and also easy to operation.



Main Features

1. Cylindrical type double needle machine has needle, dental, and foot presser synchronous feeding function, it can prevent fabric from deviating. The stitch is very beautiful and neat. It adopts sliding rod pick line. Imported vertical double rotating hook line, form two parallel lines of lock type stitch. Upper and lower shaft transport through timing belt. Knob type disc adjust the stitch length and lever type reversing forward feeding structure, make the operation more simple. And it has clutch safety device, to prevent the machine damage caused by overload.

2. The products are widely used in sewing tents, arch, parachute, hot air balloon, seat cushion, sofa and other products, especially suitable for filter bag, ring type cylindrical items.

3. The machine adopts electronic positioning motor, when parking in the process of sewing machine, steerable machine needle is always under the above fabric or cloth, for long arm machine, no need to frequently turn the hand-wheel, the operation is more convenient.


Max sewing speed 2600rpm/min
Max stitch length 8mm
Presser foot lift height 18mm
Needle quantity 2
Needle bar stroke 33.6mm
Needle gauge 6.4/12.7mm (Can be selected or customized.)
Cylinder diameter 80mm
Take-up lever stroke 60mm
Needle type UY128(No.19-23)
Lubrication Local oiling by hand
Rotating hook 2
Voltage 220V
Motor power

550W 380V (Electronic positioning motor,220V 650W,

with the function of needle bar positioninginfinite speed adjustment function)

Size (length*width*height) 1050*550*1100mm
Packing size (length*width*height) 1350*650*1400mm
Net / Gross weight (kg) 86kg / 141kg

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